Evening Drive Starring Me,Cerry and the driver Sabreena!

Helo earthlingss..yes yes yes..
i just come back from a very nice evening drive with my roommate and her best friend..
sewa kereta..
seronok jugak tuuu..huhuhu
just making a short post!

its me! (depan tu cerry)

Sabreena the driver!

cerry..dia tak bagi ambil gambar...huhu
anyway it was a fun evening..
we were very excited about sab driving the car..
cerry was freaking out..
she was like..
"sab,pakai seatbelt", "sab,elok2!",sab this sab that..
errr, sometimes..
dapat masuk tesco yang comel..
oh man,ape je yang ade dalam tesco tu..
and we buy a P sticker for the car..

sticker P photo: Sticker P (inside) 308.jpg

tapi satu je..
so kena tampal kat belakang..
when i tried to stick that sticker,we were like stopping for the traffic light..
and suddenly,orang belakang tu pandang and gelak kot..
aku dah sorok muka kat bawah..
im so jealous of people who got their license already..
tak sempat kot nak ambil lesen at least until end of next year..
my first year of degree..
oh come on..
cepat lah cuti empat bulan UTP oi..
i want mine too!
and i want to buy a car!
please please please!!!


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