Tutorial Make Up =)


helo earthlingss..
hehehe..i am here today..not sleeping yet..
sebab ada ulser dekat mulut dengan lidah..
sakit woo..erghhhh
so back to the topic..
as i recently updated on my twitter account >>>>> Myss Niesa ..
i'm trying to become a real woman..kih kih kih
bukan yang selekeh selekeh macam dulu..
serabut serabai pemalas..
setakat tak busuk je dah..haha 
teruk betul bunyinya kan..
as well as into a better muslimah, in syaa Allah..
step by step..still need to learn a lot things.. Masya Allah..
so i sit on my chair..
google on some new muslimah style online..
a trendy look, yet still appropriate for me.. =)
i also went searching  for some simple make up style..haha
nice tak?haha
bukan nak make up sangat pun..
i don't like make up..rasa macam pinggan lekat kat muka... =='
but then..aku bukan budak lagi kan..
dah 18..need to learn a new way to express my look..
so i found this cool way to make up on youtube!
sangat simple make up dia..
and cantik..
so lets watch the video..! =)


that's not all..hehe
as for extra's..
ada lagi dua tutorial make up from the same girl i found on youtube..
here it is..
tapi susah sikit lah..hehe



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