Little Sad Princess Story

helo everyone.. :)
memang ramai sangat orang kat sini nak baca apa kau tulis kan..
currently i am listening to JUST GIVE ME A REASON by PINK..
di"play" oleh adik lelaki aku tadi..
minat pulak dia dengan lagu tu..hihi
i actually have nothing to write..nothing to tell..
just about to tell you another tale, of a sad little princess..
who seems to have everything..
who seems to own everything..
without people knowing..
that she almost give up..
that almost had enough of dreaming in her own life..

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so basically..
this little girl..this little princess..
lives in a castle..
with the king and the queen..
and two of her siblings..
a princess and a prince..
they gave so much laughter that she can't stop laughing..
they gave her so much love that she can't stop smiling..
they gave he so much lesson in life that she could stop thinking how wonderful life could be..
they take care of her well..
and she grew up becoming a beautiful princess..

this little princess..
she got almost everything..
people says..
she is beautiful..
she is intelligent..
she has a kind heart..
forgiving..loves all her subjects..
she has a strong determination..
people says,,
she can make everything she ever dream possible to get..
she is the best princess in the whole universe..
a lot of prince and young rich man from the whole country tries to drive her attention..
but this little princess did not seems to make them more than just a friend..
she was still finding something in a person..
that something she couldn't seems to find yet..

but that is only until..
this little princess..
suddenly met a prince..
and fall in love..
yes, she fall in love..
she fall in love with this one little prince..
he is just a prince..
a typical type of prince..
constanly looking at her round eyes every time they talk..
secretly whispering love to her every time she look away..
hold her hands tight no matter how hard the wind blows, how close storm break down..
touch her heart deep inside, until she can never look away again..
and she was so happy..
she was really happy, enjoying her life..
that she forget one thing..
one tiny little thing that eventually could destroy her feeling..
her entire life..

anime princess photo: Princess Princess.jpg

she forgot she has God..
she forgot that He controls everything under His mighty,,
she forgot that she has to lies under His power..
she forgot..
she forgot everything..
she was so happy..she was so in love..she was feeling so loved..
and now..she lose everything..

that prince she loves..
whom she adores..
whom she place in a very special place in her tiny little heart..
where no one can touch..
was nowhere to be found..
was nowhere to be seen..
just..vanishing into thin air..
bringing her heart with him...
without leaving her with even an answer..
to all her questions throughout her life with him..
he is leaving..
without even answering..
leaving her..with dead soul..

and now here she is..
a sad little princess..alone..
in her big little castle..seems to be half alive..
and now it is her time to make a big decision..
a decision..that would change her life for good..
a decision that she has to make for the good of her subjects..
her responsibility..
her duty..
as a princess of her own..
a decision she would have to make..
between life or death..

  crying anime photo: Crying anime girl bcryinganimegirltonytaka.jpg

but deep inside her heart..
she is still hoping..
for her prince to come back..
before that day would come..
that day where they will lose each other for good..
and tell her..
that everything that had happen was just a dream..
that he was still laying next to her everyday..
that he was still loving her as much as he do from the very beginning..
hold her hand..
and tell her,,
" Don't do this..please don't.."
and yet now..she is still begging..
while looking through he wide open balcony door..
that he will come to her and say that..
before the time comes..
where they will have to lose each other..
till the death keeps them apart..
although their story might not be as remarkable as Romeo and Juliet..
as honest as Beauty and the Beast..
but the love is still there..
in her heart..

who is the princess?how did i know so much about her? :)
be her..


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