The Meaning Of Life ┇Powerful Spoken Word┇# lebo2196

a video i found on facebook asalnya..
but a very great video..
a good one..
either muslim or non muslim should see..
with due all respect i hate reading comments on youtube..
benci tengok semua saling memaki antara satu sama lain..
if you don't like it then fine.
if you like it then fine too.
if you are not a great fan of the religion mentioned that fine.
if you were the penganut, then should it be inappropriate for you to like, maki maki orang..
macam takde di ajar dalam agama you je.
there is a way to talk or to make critics..
as well as to advised or too judge or too defend..
cause that's what a civilized mankind called and lived in.
no matter what religion are you or are you in any religion.

matlamat tak menhalalkan cara :)

enjoy the great video! hehe


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